Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

The internet is the ideal media to get in touch with a broad audience at a limited cost. The website is a unique way to communicate with the world. Making a website is an unavoidable step in the growth of a successful company nowadays. G-net provides high quality solutions like CMS implementations, custom web programming, mobile friendly responsive websites, dynamic websites, Ecommerce websites, web 2.0 programming, custom database applications.

g-net solutions expertise in developing multi-functional, robust, dynamic, and scalable CMS websites utilizing advanced technologies (ASP.Net/PHP). We follow Agile Development Process, ensuring client engagement at regular intervals, transparency about the progress, and high quality output. With our in depth knowledge of latest technology platforms, we have also received appreciation as a responsive web design company.

Most of the people trying to reach your website on their smart phones, big tablets, small tablets, desktops and back again, they expect the experience to be flawless. If your site isn’t optimized to convert these visitors, you’re missing opportunities every day. We creates Responsive Website Design (RWD). We not only have to design for stationary devices, but also mobile devices like the tablets and smartphones, and we are talking about a lot of different screen sizes and resolutions. In light of this, responsive web design could be the best solution. It offers more than just a simple mobile template; instead, your entire site layout is designed to be flexible enough to fit into any possible screen resolution.

Responsive Design Advantages:

  • One URL makes it easy for users to interact with the website.
  • Responsive design automatically adjusts to whatever device the user is using.
  • The future of the web is mobile. So we are preparing for the future.

Our specialties:

  • Comprehensively customized web design service .
  • Providing fully functional web solution .
  • Very high usability .
  • Highly scalable and productive .
  • Providing complete control over the website .
  • Fast working website .
  • User friendliness .
  • Search engine friendliness .
  • Cost effectiveness .
  • Fast working website.

Web site Design/ Re-design:

Let us create the perfect web experience for your customer. No gimmicks - just a straight forward and professional design. Sure, we can add forms, mailing lists, discussion groups, CGI scripting and all that good stuff. We will make every effort to complete the design on-time and under budget.

Our web page designing is provided here in an attractive and presentable way. The main objective here is, to get visitors frequenting the site often.

  • Custom-tailored websites.
  • Existing website redesign.
  • Complete solutions.

Websites can be designed responsive from the beginning or can be converted into responsive later.

There are 2 ways to make a responsive website:

  • 1. Transform your existing website and theme into responsive design.
  • 2. Create a custom design from scratch that it’s also responsive.

The nice thing about migrating from non-responsive to responsive is that the desktop version stays the same. The look and feel of the desktop website does not change in any way so you don’t have to worry that a responsive design will break your website’s theme.

Website Packages:

Before choosing a web design package, you must clearly list out your requirements and then carefully select a package which suits your budget and meets all your requirements.

There are certain features which are present in most packages such as the home page, html pages, simple and Web 2.0 friendly navigation system, cascading style sheets to ensure proper coding and fast loading, site map, SEO friendly design and more.

The number of html pages depend upon the web design package you choose. You need to figure out how many pages are required for your site.

For instance, you will be able to convey what your site is all about to your visitors in 5 or 6 pages

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